Physical manifestations

Physical reality as we know it – it is all an Aspect of God. Everything. Every Thing is God.  It is manifested out of Energy and obeys the laws of physics.


Physical practices are methods to “be here now” in whatever physical reality you find yourself in. If you consider that this is God Manifested, the more fully you can experience physical reality, the more fully you can experience God. Polishing the lens of the Physical Aspect of God involves practices that help ground you in your body and in your physical surroundings. The goals of the practices are twofold: 1) to more fully experience God as He is Manifested; and 2) to more clearly allow God to BE Manifested. Consider this analogy: If you were creating a painting, what kind of painting would you create if you used a paint brush that was frayed, and stiff with old paint?  Now consider the painting you could create if the it was a clean, fine natural hair brush?  The former can certainly get paint on to the canvas, but it might not be as true to your original vision of what the painting would look like.  Manifestation requires that we clean our brushes and keep them in fine order.

Here’s another analogy: Here we can really think about what the world would look like through the lenses of eyeglasses that had never been polished.  Those of you that wear glasses know, that you have to do something every day in order to see clearly.  Seeing God’s physical reality requires engagement on our part to polish the lenses of our Physical Aspect.

My favorite physical practice is yoga. Yoga teaches me a lot about feeling and sensing physical reality. Any practice like this that helps you to experience fine-tuned physical sensations is great.

Other physical practices that are nuanced, detailed, and subtle will serve to polish the physical aspect.

    And experiencing my senses:

    • Seeing – especially visual art
    • Listening – music
    • Tasting – good food
    • Smelling – ditto
    • Touching – textures
    • Moving – muscle work

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