Where deep seated wisdom resides

The Intuitive Aspect of God is like that little voice, deep within you, that you can only hear when you are silent (because it speaks without words). It is the knowing that bubbles up to the Intellect where choices made. It is guidance, conscience, and Guardian Angels.

Practices that help to polish the lens of intuition include meditation, journaling, divination tools, visualizations, and any other technique where your rational mind takes the back seat for a period of time. This is not to say that you should choose based solely on your intuition. Often, rational thought is required to gather data and information. Analyzing the pros and cons is worthwhile, but so is meditating on the question, “What do I want to have happen in this situation?”

However, it is often the rational thought processes that prevent us from reaching wisdom. The monkey-mind chatter that is constantly in control of the intellect often obscures the deeper, quieter, knowing. The Intuitive body can only be experienced by quieting the Intellectual body. Hence, the primary practice for polishing the Intuitive lens is meditation.

The easiest way to say what the goal of meditation is, is that it is simply to be quiet. You can’t force quieting the mind. The only way to quiet the mind is to recognize that your thoughts have their own ways of coming and going. You simply watch your thoughts, observe them without judging, and let them go. There are many techniques that can be taught: mindfulness, mantra meditation, breathing patterns, and others. But, meditation itself cannot be taught. When you experience it, you know it. If you have been trying to meditate, and are not sure if you are doing it right, ask yourself this question, “Is it quieter in my mind when I first sit down? Or, after I have been sitting?”  While the goal is to quiet the mind, there is such a thing as being quietER. 🙂 You’re doing it… keep doing it… and you are training your mind that it is OK to be quiet.

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