Energy that swirls and flows

If you could make yourself invisible and see below the surface of physical manifestation, you would sense the energy that swirls and flows around you, through you, and within you.

The energetic aspect is directed by intellect, and is directed into manifestation.

There is a lot of “science” that could be used to look at the truth of this relationship between energy and matter…

The energy of the universe can be called Lifeforce, Chi, Qi, or Thought Waves. As you meditate, seek out the experience of the energetic aspect, feeling it as a visceral experience in your body. It swirls and flows through your Chakras. Much has been written by others about Chakras, how they affect the physical aspect, how certain physical practices can influence the energetic flow.

The energetic aspect of God-that-I-am-in has a tendency to affect the state of the intellectual aspect of God-that-I-am. This is observed when there is a negative energy in my area, it is difficult to differentiate it and recognize it as an outside influence, and it can be a real drag. Rather than taking on that negativity as my own, i can choose again. I have to ask myself, what is the state of the energetic aspect of God-that-I-am? Can I intensify the internal aspect of positive energy flow? Can I send loving-kindness out into the world?

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