Balls of light

Imagine a ball.

The ball is made up of multiple layers, ball within ball. Each layer is a different colored film.

The outer layer is a film of red, beneath is a layer with a yellow hue, next is a layer of blue, then a layer of gray, and finally a layer that of translucent white.

Inside that final layer Is a light, very pure and outrageously bright.

Each layer has clear holes spread across the surface, arranged in unique patterns.

When the ball is awake, the layers are in constant motion. Each rotating with different speeds and trajectories. The total effect is a ball that glows with a muddy, shifting multicolored light. The intense light at the core of the ball shines through the multi-colored layers, combining in different ways. Red and blue creating purple light. Yellow and blue creating green. The gray layer creating dark shadows, and the white layer muting the intensity of the light. However, when holes of two layers align, you see that incredible, pure light shining through. Although it may be still filtered through the colored lenses of the another layer.

When the ball is awake, the layers of ball skin are constantly shifting. Looking at an active ball, it might seem like a kaleidoscope, ever shifting in the light patterns as the colors of the layers combine and holes of various layers align, then shift, then align differently. The light may shine brightly one minute, and be occluded the next. Some layers are frequently in alignment, and some less so, or not at all. Each layer imparts a different color to the light, and only if all layers are aligned do you see the pure, white light that is the essence of the inside of the ball.

Imagine, you are that ball. The layers are the aspects of God. Sit, and meditate. Slow the wild spinning of the layers. Allow them to settle in and find alignment. Allow the pure light within to shine out: unmuted by white, undimmed by gray, unfiltered by yellow, blue, and red. God that you are, shining into God that you are In. Bright. Pure. Light.

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