Don’t believe this

Please don’t believe what you read on this blog. It is not truth. That is to say, it is not the TRUTH, in all caps. It is only true… for me.

What I offer here in my blog about the five aspects is a way, a framework and some methods, for you to experience the five aspects and to come to know the TRUTH through those aspects. This blog is about that same TRUTH, but it is filtered through the five aspects that I experience.

Don’t believe what you read here, but feel free to let what you read serve as inspiration and instruction to experience your five aspects.

Your results may vary ūüôā

You might ask, “If this blog is channeled from Source/God, is it not TRUTH?” ¬†Yes, but…

What I¬†do, in writing this blog, when taking pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) is the work of manifestation. Taking that thread of source, the¬†bliss of infinite possibilities, giving it meaning, then structuring and directing it with intellect, focusing the energy, and manifesting… that’s the work. Bringing that thread of¬†source, through the aspects, to manifestation, is the goal. Along the way, any lack of purity, clarity,¬†or¬†alignment in the aspects makes the work harder, less effective, and less TRUE.

So, don’t believe what you read here — it is tainted source. It is contaminated with my non-alignment and not-clarity. I try, I channel, I provide to you an example of what channeling source focused through a partially aligned and partly cloudy five aspects being looks like.

Your experience of manifestation — your life — works this way too. ¬†You are bliss. You receive knowing. You see and discern. You direct energy. You manifest. All is source. Your¬†alignment and clarity are of paramount importance in order to effectively channel source through to your manifestation.

Use what you read here. Connect with your bliss aspect. Know what is TRUE for you. Use your intellect to discern what will aide you in your journey. Receive the beneficial energy. And, manifest your truth, your beauty, and your goodness.


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