I know you’ve been surfing the web, reading your email, checking out recipes, and now have seemingly, surprisingly, stumbled upon this blog post. It’s fun, right? It takes you out of your head, away from the stress and bother of the day-to-day. I love the Inter-webs!

Now, I invite you to stop for a moment and consider…. What is the status of the five aspects at this exact moment? How does this surfing behavior affect the alignment and activation of the five aspects?

Where are you right now? Can you feel your body in space and time? The physical aspect is often the first to be ignored when sitting at a computer or interacting on the web. Other than your fingers swiping and tapping the screen, your body disappears and the physical reality of the moment fades. Close you eyes for a moment and reconnect with the physical aspect. You don’t have to stop reading or surfing. Attempt to connect your actions with where you are in space and time. (Wiggle your toes to remind yourself of the rest of your body. Take three, strategic, deep breaths. Look around you and select an object to connect with.)

Is the energy you are experiencing your own? Or, is it coming from external sources? If, for example, you are sitting in a coffee shop while reading this, the energy may be coming from the space. Name it, and then Set an intention for the next best positive energy you can produce.

If you have been surfing for very long, your intellect may be in “receive only” mode. Is everything going straight to memory, or are you processing, discerning, discriminating? What do you think about this post? Send me a comment!

What do your know? What secret is your heart ready to reveal right now? Sit with this truth until you are ready to accept it.

And know this too: everything is perfect, just the way it is. All is Well. All is Love.

May peace be with you, and with all the world.

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