How to Use the Five Aspect Meditation

Although I live a busy live, like I’m sure you do, I am usually able to find time for a 20-minute meditation each day. When given more time, I will take it to luxuriate even more fully in the aligning of the aspects. I usually set a timer because time passes so quickly in the “alpha state” produced by the meditation.

I follow the meditation, from physical to energetic, intuitive, intellect, bliss, to God. At each level, I feel myself aligning and clearing the aspect allowing the next aspect in to be accessed. Reaching the final level, I sit with God and experience the God that I am and the God that I am in. When the timer bell chimes, I begin to ascend through the aspects, polishing them with gratitude. This full meditation is a practice that never ceases to amaze me with it’s power.

Besides my daily practice, I also find myself using the five aspect meditations several times a day. More on stressful days, and more when I am putting myself in situations where I need to be at my very best self. Whenever I feel that I’m getting caught up in, and simply reacting to, the external reality rather than coming from my innermost core and God reality, I stop for a moment of meditation. After using the meditation for so long, I can literally just think of the levels by number and say to myself, “5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0-God that I am, God that I am in.” As I say the number of the level my consciousness retreats from a place of physical reality to energetic reality to intuition, then intellect, to bliss, and finally back to were it begins: with the God that I am and God that I am in. I say and feel the truth of, “I Sit With God.” After resetting my center there, I come back through the levels, one breath at a time “1 bliss, 2 intuition, 3 intellect, 4 energy, 5 manifestation.” This takes approximately 3 minutes to complete. I feel clear and focused, with God shining through the aspect lens.

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