There are five aspects of God that can be thought of as nested layers.  They most outward aspect is physical… this is what we see and feel on a day to day basis. And just beneath the surface of this physical reality is an energetic reality that swirls and flows.  How do these two aspects, or layers, connect to each other? I believe that it is from pure energy that the physical reality is manifested. If you’ve ever studied the law of attraction, you understand that the vibrational quality of your energy field is what brings your reality to you. However, there is a connection the other way as well.  What you do in a physical sense affects your energy. What you do with your body, and how you live in space are physical realm actions that affect the energetic reality. If you choose to drink coffee, alcohol, or water will determine the vibrational qualities of your energy. The pollution or contaminants in that water will also affect your vibrational qualities.  Feng Shui practitioners will tell you that how you arrange your physical surroundings will affect the energy and, in so doing, affects what you further attract into your physical reality.

Between each aspect there is an interface. It is a two-way flow from one aspect to another. Each aspect influencing the next, and being influenced by the previous.

When we experience wholeness, when all five aspects are clear, and our God light shines through, the purest and best of all the aspects becomes apparent. The interfaces between the aspects function at the highest level to bring truth, beauty, and goodness into our life, our mind, our intellect, our energy, and our world.

<Need to do: a graphic with the five aspects and their interfaces. Possibly mandala like…?>

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