On each of the Aspect pages, you’ll (eventually) find a section of practices. Just like a musician has to practice in order to maintain and improve her craft, as spiritual beings, we need to practice daily the art of being human.   Practices are the spiritual maintenance that helps us to live more fully.

  • If you see the Aspects as a series of lenses, then practices are ways to polish those lens so that the light of God shines through more clearly.
  • If you see the Aspects as a series of illusions of separateness from God, then practices are ways to see through those illusions to the reality of oneness with God.
  • If you see the Aspects as clothing that we wear when we experience begin human, then practices are ways to be more human and more alive.
  • If you see the Aspects as ways of knowing God, then practices are ways of knowing God. Nice.

Your practice, and my practice will differ. I need more physical practices because I am a 50-year old woman with arthritis and some historic bad habits.  The “dirt on my physical lens” sometimes gets in my way of seeing God clearly. So this is the area of practice, in this decade, for me.

A younger, healthy person might find that they need to develop their intuition. Their physical lens is shining quite nicely, but they are just discovering the cloudy lens of intuition and need to start wiping away the gunk that prevents God from shining through that lens.

Simply knowing and accessing each Aspect of God in you is the first step. Once you can recognize the Aspects, then you can begin to polish, refine, and clarify the Aspects. The result is a clearer vision of God, a clearer light shining through, a comfort of being closer to God. We all need to be aware of each aspect, and polish them with care.

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