The 5 Aspects Prayer

The Five Aspects Prayer

Right here, right now: There is a Physical reality. I feel the presence of my body in space and time.

And, just underneath the surface of this reality, is the power that fuels manifestation. It is an Energetic reality that swirls and flows.

Directing this energy is consciousness, a cosmic Intellectual reality that chooses and discriminates.

And, informing this intellect is an Intuition, where deep seated wisdom resides.

At the base of it all, what truly IS, is Bliss. Everything is perfect, just the way it is.

And, the source of all realities is God, is Me. I sit with God. God that I am in, God that I am, I thank you.

Thank you for coming forward, and becoming: Bliss.

Thank you for intuitive guidance and knowing.

Thank you for clarity of intellect to choose for my highest and greatest good.

Thank you for beneficial energies that flow into this energetic grid.

Thank you for manifesting abundance and compassion.

Peace be with me, and with all the world.

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